About Me

Tatiane Rocha Oliveira

I have been an English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator since 2017, when I got an internship in a translation agency during the last semester of my master’s.

I realised I had a knack for Translation over 12 years ago when I worked for 3 years analysing bilingual Brand License Agreements for Exim Brazil (now Lotus Global Marketing).

In 2020, I started working as a freelance translator, especially in the field of audiovisual translation, becoming a professional translator and subtitler.

Brazilian native, with a love of films, TV series, languages, and cultures. I have lived in Dublin, Ireland for over two years, and have been living in Portugal over five years, where I completed a MA in Translation from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon.

Most of my contributions have been audiovisual translations/subtitling in the areas of Entertainment, Education, and Marketing (films, TV series, training, e-learning, and promotional videos). I am also a member of APTRAD, Subtle, and a volunteer translator for Translators Without Borders and TED Translators.

Because I am inspired by languages and cultures, I want to help organizations to increase their audience and express their audiovisual content accurately, in a multicultural environment.

I am available to work, and I am always open to learning more and receiving feedback. You can be assured that your translations will be of the best quality and always delivered on time. Please check my Services page and Contact me if you have any questions.

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