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To transfer the meaning of the source language into the target language in order to produce a text that is in accordance with the rules of the linguistic system of the target language and that meets the instructions received in the project assignment.

Audiovisual/Screen Translation

Translation and text segmentation for subtitling.


Creating, editing and time-cueing subtitles.


Conversion of audio or video content into written text.

Technical Translation

A type of specialized translation. It requires access to the terminology of the source and target languages.


To compare the translation with the source text to make sure that the meaning remains the same. Additionally, editing can also check for other errors such as typos, style and so on, as needed to make it perfect.


To examine a target text for its suitability and recommend corrective measures. It includes correcting spelling, terminology, formatting, grammar, and other errors.


The process of adapting a product’s translation to a specific country or region (date formats, measurement units, cultural references, etc).

Language Pairs

  • English > Brazilian Portuguese
  • Brazilian Portuguese > English
  • Spanish > Brazilian Portuguese

Content Type

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Pricing depends on many factors, such as language pair, service, number of words or video minutes, time frame, etc.

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